Welcome to English Grammar

This is a new grammar website that uses the learning management system Moodle . Feel free to create your own account in the login section. After that you will get an email to confirm your identity and then you are set to go. At the moment only a few course rooms are available . But there is more to come :)  !

The courses are categorised in groups - currently Intermediate (B1) and Upper-intermediate (B1+) . I plan to add other sections in the future !  This website is under development . So please be patient.

If you need more Information or simply want to send me a note please use Moodle's messaging system  or email me at klaus.rosmanitz@gmail.com  !

    Available courses

    This demo course lets you try out the new Writing module. Each student can submit ONE writing task that I will correct free of charge and send back . If you want practice more writing and have it corrected , use the paid writing course which will be available soon.